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Making mobile working a reality

28th March 2013
Kit Lewin

Over the past decade, technological improvements have given birth to the possibility of mobile working. Remote and mobile working is now, not only conceivable, but becoming a reality. The widespread adoption of mobile devices, Wi-Fi and cloud computing have made mobile working an ever more attractive option for employees seeking to improve their work-life balance. The world now contains more than 1bn mobile capable workers – however, only a small percentage of these engage this mobile capability.  What is stopping them?

Whilst tools now exist to allow the traditional white collar workforce to successfully embrace mobile working, many companies still like the security of the single shared office. The reluctance to embrace the possibilities of the mobile working revolution is largely due to traditional and somewhat outdated perceptions. Fears are focused around data security issues outside of a central hub, and, a perceived lack of cooperation and cohesion among employees who would no longer be working side by side.

The introduction and application of smart workspaces are changing attitudes to mobile working and assuaging some of these fears. A smart workspace is a uniquely designed work environment that provides necessary office services, such as broadband connectivity, conference capability and facilities as well as worksite food provision and child care. Smart workspaces provide an environment for the successful integration of people and technology. A key component of these workspaces is their location, mostly in suburban areas, removing the daily torture of the dreaded commute. These sites also provide the opportunity to work collaboratively with others from a variety of companies, helping to contribute to greater productivity. Smart workspaces have been a huge success in Amsterdam where more than 120 of these workplace environments can now be found. This number continues to increase as employee awareness and demand grows. Smart workplaces are one of the final pieces in mobile working jigsaw, enabling employees to bring together empowering technologies in an environment that works for them.

Smart workspaces are bringing together people and modern technology in a manner that shows us a glimpse of workspaces in the future. These workspaces are changing the way people work for the benefit of employers and employees alike. The application of these smart workspaces will continue to grow as the mobile working revolution continues to gather speed,  so do not be surprised, in the next couple of years, if you find a smart workspace in a suburb near you!

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