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interpolisThe nature of work is evolving and people’s expectations of their workplace are changing. Technology is impacting both where and how we work, and issues of interaction, collaboration and business identity are being challenged as we become increasingly free to operate remotely.

Boundaries are being blurred, both inside and outside the office environment. Food has always featured as part of the workplace mix, but its role is no longer merely to provide sustenance to the workforce. As a destination for uniting dispersed organisations and as an enabler for fostering business communication the right catering solution is becoming increasingly pivotal.

Unwork and Zurich Insurance are conducting a 6 month study on the future of food and drink in the workplace. We are creating a new, global perspective that investigates a broad agenda from the link of food to wellbeing, performance and health through to the interior design, provision and economics of food and drink in the modern workplace.

Why the competition?
There is an ever increasing need for better utilisation of food provision spaces as we look to demand greater levels of space efficiency at work. Food plays an integral role in the workplace with a growing trend for companies looking to utilise food and drink as a power tool for socialisation and collaboration within the modern workplace. We are looking to produce ideas that incorporate these important trends with the aim of helping us to understand the expectations of the next generations and future demographics with regard to food provision at work.

As part of the project, we want to understand what the food spaces of the future could look like. We are inviting submissions for our competition to bring together ideas, concepts and innovations on food at work with the purpose of looking at how food can further support working practices in the future. We are therefore launching this design competition to ask for ideas, concepts, and innovation to be submitted. While there are distinct typologies of food space at the moment (full restaurant, café, coffee kitchen, vending and so on), we want to question what the typologies of the future will be.

We invite ideas from anyone who has experience of food and drink in the workplace – users, providers, and designers. Anyone with ideas about how it can enrich the working environment and contribute to a more diverse, and more responsive solution in support of collaboration and interaction in an increasingly silo-ed world.

Who else is involved?
We have 50 corporates who are involved with the wider research study, who are giving their own thoughts and ideas around their visions of the future workplace, and what they believe they will do with food and food space. Companies involved include:

BBC, Cisco, RBS, Nomura, Allianz, Philips, ANZ, National Australia Bank, HSBC, Unilever, Coca Cola, Lend Lease, Goldman Sachs, Aviva, Microsoft

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