Timescales, Criteria and Judging

Hypothetical Building Briefing Guidelines

Please contact us for a copy of the floor plans that represent an existing business park building where the local external food offer is limited.

As part of a broader move towards more mobile and flexible working, the current occupier wishes to review their food services within the building and are keen to be convinced of the value of investing in leading edge workplace catering solutions. They are willing to consider moving, increasing, decreasing or changing their provision if they can be shown the benefits.

The headcount is 1000, almost all of whom work on laptops and smartphones. There is resilient WiFi throughout the building, and employees are allowed to bring their own device. There is also an element of desk sharing and periodic home working. The age range of the organisation is broadly between twenty and forty five.
As an international business, the building will need to operate 24/7.

In addition to providing refreshment services for the staff, there will also be a requirement for client and visitor hospitality.

Deadline for submissions – Friday 12th September

Judging criteria

The purpose of the competition is to encourage creative engagement and innovative thinking surrounding the design of food provision space within the future workplace. We are looking for entrants to showcase imaginative and thought provoking design ideas with the aim of creating original, dynamic and flexible work food provision spaces.

All entries will be critiqued and judged on the following areas:


  • Creative thinking
  • Innovation
  • Breaking the paradigm
  • Solving an identified problem or current inefficiency

The team of judges
The judging panel for this competition includes:

Barry Varcoe, Zurich Insurance Group
Ronen Journo, Cisco
Chris Kane, BBC
Paul Scrivener, MCM

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