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The Future of Work

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We are continually researching The Future of Work – focusing on the confluence of 6 forces shaping the ‘new organisation’: demographics, management style/culture, sustainability and transport, technology and real estate. All have the potential to transform how and where work is done.

We chair the future work forum attended by BBC, BP, Barclays, McKinsey & Co, Ernst & Young, Royal Bank of Scotland, Philips, Cisco, Goldman Sachs and others. We are deeply involved with the commercial and external forces that are re-shaping blue chip businesses – real business issues where the response/solution must be a combination of the above 6 forces.

Philip Ross is currently writing a new book on the future of work, and is focusing on some the technologies shaping the future (‘digital flow’, mobility, cloud computing, virtualisation and data centres, synchronous (web based) working and unified communications and collaboration) as well as case studies and experiences from early adopters.

Some of the key themes are – ‘death of the desk’, Martini working – any place, any time, any where, as well as the CSR benefits of new workstyles through less commuting.

Our knowledge of new ways of working projects globally is unsurpassed.

We focus our research and consultancy on these key areas:

  • Agile working – meeting new business imperatives – new types of work
  • Activity Based Working
  • Expectations of the next generation
  • New Technology
  • Cost: real estate overhead
  • Operational efficiency: cost in use – churn costs and downtime
  • People and Productivity: collaboration
  • Insight and innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Language and behaviours – speaking digital

We look at the Future of Work in context of not just technology but people, the physical work place and the work process

The Three Pillars

The three pillars

We focus on ROI and cost benefit, as well as the business benefit derived from non-pecuniary advantages. Using a combination of data analysis but also benchmarking from case studies and feedback from companies that have implemented new workstyles, we can present a powerful and persuasive proposition to a board or partnership.

The Drivers of Change

There are 6 forces that are challenging and re-shaping organisations. These are the building blocks of our consultancy and research:

  • People, demographics, behaviours
  • Management style and culture, flexible working
  • Sustainability
  • Transport
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Real estate and the City

Together they shape how and where work is done.

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