Donatas Staneika

Junior Data Analyst

Donatas has joined UnWork as a junior analyst in 2021. He holds Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Administration. He expanded his academic knowledge by doing two exchange semesters abroad in Istanbul and Lisbon, where he studied International Relations and Management respectively. He has successfully completed a traineeship at the Lithuanian Mission to United Nations in New York and is accredited from the world-renowned Google Data Analytics Career Program.

Before joining UnWork Donatas has spent time working for human rights NGOs in Lithuania and even helped to create a new successful political party that is focused on defending and expanding human rights in Lithuania. He has also sharpened his skills while working for a fintech start-up and companies specializing in event and facilities management.

Donatas enjoys following the latest trends in futurism and longevity research, talking about the economy, working out, traveling, and catching a good TV show or a stand-up comedy performance.


What are three words to describe UnWork?

Smart, dynamic, and innovative.

What drew you to UnWork originally? And how has UnWork changed since?

Opportunity to work on interesting projects and a chance to help people improve their workplace and their workflow. At the end of the day, it affects everyone – employees, employers, customers, and the market. Of course, I was also attracted by UnWork’s philosophy, modern outlook, and incredibly talented team.

Favourite Building?

Empire State Building. Not only because of its memorable architecture but also because of how many people it inspires. It’s simply iconic.

Most inspiring place you’ve been to?

Every place can be inspiring because there are inspirational people everywhere, but If I had to choose a place that is inspirational in itself, I would have to say Manhattan because its high-rise architecture is simply breath-taking and a nice reminder of what people are capable of creating.

Favourite Quote:

‘’It is always the right time to do the right thing’’– MLK ‘’Impossible is nothing’’ – is also a pretty good one

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us. OR tell us three things that most people don’t know about you…

I still watch Professional Wrestling.