Introduction to the UnWork Series
Author Krupa Solanki  | 

Unprecedented, Unforeseen, Unthinkable, Unwelcome, COVID-19 has truly ushered in a new age of living and working. The time certainly has come to Un-Work: Unlearn what we know and what we’re used to and to adapt to the new ways of working that are upon

We welcome you to join us on a journey through the unknown; over the next two months we will tackle a different theme each week to uncover what the world may look like beyond this crisis… This video introduces the series with a introduction from UnWork CEO and futurist, Philip Ross:

As detailed in the video, the conversations will look to:

  • How we unwork…navigating the uncomfort to find comfort in a new reality – The future of workplace design – going forward what will we want our offices to look and feel like
  • How we untether… how we look to the new amenities that will allow us to work more effectively –  The future of workplace amenities – given the workplace is changing rapidly, what will we actually want from our workplace?
  • How we become unconstrained and embrace our love for plants not just at home, but now in the office – Biophilia – since we have all been at home, orders for plants and seeds have rocketed – what impact will this have on our office spaces
  • And how we unlearn – How and what can we learn from other industries? How have education & hospitality responded to the needs of our changing world?

Session will take place weekly on Tuesdays at 1pm GMT/8am EDT kicking off the 28th April with an exploration of the theme of ‘Uncomfort’; Here with partnership from Resonate interiors we will encourage you to step out your comfort zone and explore new ways of workplace design. If you would like to subscribe to the series, please email [email protected] or fill in the form below.

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