At UnWork we believe passionately that there is a better way to work. The old, stale status quo is no longer appropriate in a world where digital disruption, fast company behaviors, expectations of a new generation shapes a realisation that there is more to life than sitting at a desk all day long.

Our purpose is to provide inspiration, new ideas and provoke a conversation about the future of work. There is a better way; and through our unrivalled knowledge of global innovation in work and the workplace together with our methodologies to define and shape new workplace concepts, we can bring new perspectives, define new opportunities and ultimately deliver a better project and outcomes.

We focus on all aspects of the future of work – where people, place and technology meet. We are particularly interested in activity-based working (ABW), changing behaviours and digital disruption.

We specialise in creating the concepts and business case for new ways of working, challenging established patterns of work to enable businesses to explore the opportunities presented by agile working and alternative ways to organise work. 


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