Future work strategy to re-imagine the workplace 

Data-driven real estate strategy to re-imagine your workplace.

Strategy & Ideas

We use innovative methods to gather and analyse data to build a profile of how our client's organisations work, identifying clusters and communities and profiling who works with who, rather than relying on the organisational chart.

We model what people actually do and the tasks they undertake and build personas or typologies of both people and spaces to help define a future workspace strategy. This is brought to life with ‘day in the life’ modelling to show how people would experience a future way of working.

We combine this with our experience of ground-breaking workspaces to help guide clients towards solutions and new ideas and workplace concepts. Examples include clients wanting to consolidate several offices into one, moving to a new office, creating new workplace concepts to fit the needs of the future workforce or aligning the workstyle to a new corporate culture or set of values. 

Our workplace strategy services help our clients to answer the following questions:

  • How can I shape the workplace around the specific needs of my workforce?
  • Is our office the right size for our workforce and can it accommodate growth? 
  • Do we have the right mix of workstations and other settings for our employee's workstyles? 
  • What experience do we want our clients to have?
  • Do we want to create a digital workplace?
  • What atmosphere or vibe do we want to create?
Our Process
We collect data on your organisation through a range of methods, including both quantitative and qualitative sources. 
Our team of analysts process and analyse the raw data to build up a picture of what employees at the organisation are doing on a day to day basis.
We combine all of these separate strands of data into a variety of visualisations and insights that help to describe an organisation’s way of working. 
Using a collaborative approach, our team synthesises data and ideas and works with clients to co-create workplace concepts and ideas. 

Our experienced consultancy team uses a variety of different methods to profile the work that organisations are actually doing, defining the optimal experience across space, technology and culture and shaping the workplace to the needs of the organisation. We co-create effective and creative concepts, based on corporate vision and values, empirical evidence, user requirements and design thinking. Our concepts allow you to envision a future workplace and way of working that is backed by data, helping you to build a workplace that is fit for the future.

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One of our key outcomes is a concept or series of ‘big ideas’ that shape or define a solution for a new way of working, recommendations and ideas based on an evidence-led approach. This could include a taxonomy spaces that define a new way of working, right up to concept design layouts that can be used to inform a detailed spatial brief.

Our diverse team can assist in defining the project brief that can form part of an RFC or RFP for the appointment of project managers and architects or designers. Our independent stance and extensive knowledge of the ‘design language’ of individual firms makes us well placed to assist in the shortlisting, interviewing and selection of the right designer for any new workplace project. We can also assist in the selection of the most appropriate building in the case of relocation, providing a detailed breakdown of spatial requirements and test fits.