Guiding your people towards the future

Expert change management to help your people understand and embrace new ways of working. 

Transformation & Change

We believe that people need to ‘unlearn’ before they can move forwards. New ways of working requires new skills and a new mindset, and so people have to step back first, get rid of their assumptions and behaviours and embrace new skills and experiences.

Our change team uses a range of methods to inspire your people and get them excited about the change that is coming. From communications plans to inform staff about how new ways of working will impact them, to the use of new technologies or wellbeing programmes, we help people understand what change is coming and how it will affect their work.

Our team also engages with change champions to help them to take ownership of change, trains them in new methods and procedures and evaluates the effectiveness of the change. All of this means that our team of change consultants are well versed in delivering smooth change processes that bring employees along on the journey. 

Our change management experts help answer the following questions:

  • How can I implement this change successfully in my workplace? 
  • How do I create an aspirational brand for this change?
  • What are the ingredients in a good communications plan?
  • What resources do we need and how do we structure a change mindset?
Our Process
We create a communications strategy, including a programme to explain upcoming changes and give your people a place to go for answers to their questions or concerns.
Through a series of workshops, design sessions and interviews, we engage with staff and encourage them to own the process.
Prepare & Act
Training sessions and communications are organised by our change team, along with visible onsite support preceding the change. The change is then enacted with our team supporting you. 
Few changes are ever 100% successful on the first day. Our change team collects feedback, carries out informal checks and observation studies to adjust any areas that need more work.  Our post-occupancy surveys provide data to fine tune concepts. 

Change management is critical for the success of all projects. Our change team has years of experience in managing a diverse range of complex and challenging workplace changes. We use proven, tested methods to guide our clients through difficult changes, developing a clear roadmap and identifying milestones to make sure that the change process is clear. Our approach is people-focused, engaging with employees to encourage them to take an active role in the process and take ownership of the change.



We can define change journeys and tools, including developing a robust communications plan across a wide range of channels and identifying the resources needed to implement change. Our team can help to develop a branded change ‘story’ as the basis for a cohesive, clear set of communication tools. We identify and train change champions, helping to drive acceptance of change from within. Our team also creates onboarding tools and detailed plans for migration and move in to help our clients make a smooth transition to new ways of working.