Navigating Well-Being and Performance: Dr. Steven Macgregor’s Insights
Author Jessica Swanepoel  | 

In a recent episode of The UnWorking Podcast, we had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Steven Macgregor, a well-being pioneer, international speaker, bestselling author, and leadership development expert. Join us as we explore and reflect on his transformative journey, insights, and the recent re-release of his book, “The Daily Reset.”

 A Transformative Journey: Reflecting on the past few years, Dr. Macgregor shares his journey into the intersection of health, leadership, and sustainable performance. From teaching at a business school to his background in design thinking, his experiences have shaped his unique perspective on well-being.

“The pandemic has forced us to adapt, significantly impacting work and the workplace. It’s been a transformative period.”

The Daily Reset: A Holistic Approach: Discussing his book, “The Daily Reset,” Dr. Macgregor introduces its distinctive format—a page for every day of the year, covering twelve key themes. The book offers a trilogy focused on well-being, positive leadership, and embedding these principles in the workplace.

“I wanted to make the content accessible for people. Embedding change through small daily tweaks is key to sustainable well-being.”

Striking the Balance: Well-Being and Performance: The conversation shifts to balancing a healthy work environment and optimal performance. Dr. Macgregor emphasizes the importance of loving the process, making small, consistent changes, and understanding the give-and-take nature of high performance.

“We have to stay the course. If we don’t love the process, sustaining change becomes challenging. It’s about having give and take.”

Leadership and Culture: Pillars of Well-Being: Highlighting the role of leadership, Dr. Macgregor underscores the need for leaders as authentic role models. He advocates for elevating well-being to a strategic level within organizations, moving beyond a checkbox exercise.

“Well-being is about building a more human leadership capability, developing a culture where people can flourish within the workplace.”

Design Thinking: Shaping the Future of Well-Being: Incorporating design thinking into well-being approaches is crucial. Dr. Macgregor explains how design thinking, rooted in understanding human needs, can effectively solve complex well-being problems in various organizational landscapes.

“Design thinking is about understanding the deep needs of human beings. It has great potential for empowering well-being within an organization.”

Exercise Snacking: Small Changes, Big Impact: The concept of exercise snacking is introduced. Dr. Macgregor shares the idea of incorporating small bursts of exercise into daily routines, emphasizing the impact of small changes on overall well-being.

“Exercise snacking is about finding those little pockets of time—lifting kettlebells while waiting for your coffee or taking a fast walk instead of driving.”

The Daily Reset Revisited: Fresh Perspectives: Dr. Macgregor revisits “The Daily Reset,” explaining the motivation behind its recent re-release. He removes pandemic references and adds new entries to provide a fresher version, making it a powerful tool for individuals on their well-being journey.

“The book isn’t about the pandemic, but its association was hindering the message. We added about 35-40 new entries to make it more relevant today.”

Navigating the New Year: A Conversation with the Self: As we step into a new year, Dr. Macgregor shares insights on managing the pressure of resolutions. He encourages carving out time for self-reflection, focusing on small, meaningful changes, and not succumbing to overwhelming expectations.

“Carve out that time in the morning, have a cup of coffee, don’t go on your phone. The answers will come. The insight will come. It’s about giving yourself that chance.”

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