Un-working from home; the new normal
Author Krupa Solanki  | 

As most of us settle into our Un-working from home routines, how many of us can admit to trouble balancing home and work life? Studies show that people who work from home often work earlier in the day and later into the night. With technology now able to seamlessly link us to our colleagues, workloads and emails at any time of day, drawing boundaries between home and work can become problematic. Just this week, the new shadow chancellor in the UK joined the ranks of us who have ever been interrupted while on a video call, with an surprise visit from her daughter. Whatever happens, take solace in the face it can’t be as dire as renowned Political Analyst, Professor Robert Kelly who was famously interrupted by his children live on BBC. In light of the global pandemic, Professor Kelly is back with an adorable update and some insight into lockdown with excitable children. You can catch it here:

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