Webinar Video: Building a technology arsenal for the hybrid workforce
Author Krupa Solanki  | 


As the world takes tentative steps towards office re-openings and firms look to find the right balance of in-office and virtual working, understanding the technology tools that can help businesses make informed decisions, improve collaboration and maintain employee well-being is more important than ever.

Running across two sessions, Williams Lea and UnWork hosted virtual panel discussions focused on technology tools which activate the hybrid workplace. Facilitated by Philip Ross, CEO and Founder, UnWork and featuring strategic leaders from Williams Lea, Mapiq and Microsoft Analytics and logitech, the panel covered the breadth of the hybrid workplace technology experience to provide you technology tools to empower and activate the hybrid workforce.

Themes and topics included:

  • Tips to ensure digital equality
  • How to the navigate the hybrid workplace
  • Activating the touchless office
  • Data-driven decision making

To watch, please click below