Food at Work

Unwork are thrilled to have partnered with Zurich Financial Services and Sodexo for the publication of Food at Work, a research report compiling world-leading findings and thinking related to the role of food in the workplace. The report provides unrivalled insight into the links between what we consume and the effects it has on our productivity, behaviour and wellbeing.

Through analysis, interviews, case studies and site visits; as well as ideas generation and creative input, Food at Work bridges the gap in understanding of wellbeing at work and the idea that food and drink provision will become central to work styles and the performance of people in the future.

The report outlines the Unwork vision of a workplace where food and drink permeates every aspect of work life, stimulating changes in mood, encouraging interaction and punctuating a landscape that offers choice through genuine variety. The approach is labelled Activity Based Food (ABF) and describes a workplace that truly supports each and every work style through the dynamic availability of food.

Food at Work investigates the emerging technologies and innovations that are modernising workplace eating; contemporary thinking from the worlds of psychology, economics and human biology is compiled to provide comprehensive insight, of great value to business leaders in any industry.

Full report available on request. Please email [email protected]