Sleep in the Workplace

Throughout much of the business world there is a pervasive culture of poor sleep hygiene. Employers must do more to curtail chronic sleep deprivation, else risk great losses in productivity and employee welfare. Unwork have documented their industry-leading thinking on the subject in The Science of Sleep, a research report investigating the role of sleep in workplace performance.

The Science of Sleep lends its focus the human chronotype, the behavioural manifestation of underlying circadian rhythms that determines our propensity to sleep at a particular schedule within a 24-hour period. 
The report discusses how, in contrast to the large variations in individuals sleep needs, standard working hours are largely sclerotic patterns revolving around the established 9-hour block from 0900 onwards. By delving into the science behind sleep, detailing the benefits and warning on deprivation, The Science of Sleep documents exactly how a workforce of healthy sleepers is more alert, happy and productive, and how traditional patterns of work may not be the optimal method of achieving this. 
The report argues that there can be great value derived from understanding the sleep patterns of your workforce and using the information to adjust patterns of working. In its conclusion, The Science of Sleep proposes a solution that redefines the notion of flexible working entirely, in the name of a better nights sleep.