The Future of the TMT Workplace

The Future of the TMT Workplace is the second in a series of reports co-produced  by Unwork and Cushman & Wakefield, focussing on the future of work, workplace and real-estate in various sectors. The Technology, Media and Telecoms (TMT) sector is at the apex of great change; but what does this mean for workplace and real-estate? How is workplace strategy adjusting to the constant threat of digital disruption? And how can the sector do better to accommodate greater convergence between technology, media and telecoms? The Future of the TMT Workplace investigates.

The Future of the TMT Workplace sets out how TMT players can use their workplaces to future-proof their businesses. It identifies five forces that are driving TMT players to fundamentally rethink their workplace and real-estate strategies:

Transformation: Accelerated adoption curves and shortening product lifecycles means that competitive advantage in the TMT  sector is increasingly derived from an organisation’s ability  to develop new products and services to unlock new sources of growth.

Talent: Demand for developers, data analysts and engineers far outstrips supply and as such, attracting the best talent is driving decisions about locations and workplace.

Emerging Markets: The dynamism of emerging economies in the developing world is leading TMT companies to give more thought to their emerging market strategy.

Cities: Real-estate heads need to identify which cities have the deepest talent pools, best universities, most vibrant startup ecosystem and established networks of peer companies.

Disruption: Technology moves quickly; property doesn’t. Forecasting workplace and real-estate requirements to parallel disruptive technologies has become paramount for the TMT sector.