Yaasmeen Muhammad

Junior Workplace Consultant

Yaasmeen is a Junior Workplace Consultant at Unwork, bringing her expertise in architecture to the team. She obtained her Masters in Architecture from Kingston School of Art, where she honed her understanding of the built environment and its profound impact on user wellness and wellbeing.

Prior to joining Unwork, she gained valuable experience as an Assistant Design Consultant at a gym design firm, where she worked on a wide array of projects, spanning across new constructions as well as renovations. She possesses a keen eye for detail and excels at uncovering opportunities for improvement. Drawing on her expertise in architecture, she consistently devises innovative solutions that foster a harmonious environment. Her experiences have fueled her passion for exploring the future of work and its potential to enhance productivity and employee satisfaction.


In my downtime, I like to listen or watch documentaries about the history of the London Underground & the National Rail.


3 words to describe Unwork

Collaborative, Exciting, Innovative

Favourite building:

The Barbican