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Philip Ross has published some of the leading books globally on new workstyles. These are available in languages including Korean, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin as well as English editions.

Together they not only point to our knowledge resources and materials but can be used by local teams in their own languages when implementing agile working in their geographies.

Report: VWork - Measuring the benefits of agility at work

VWork cover
This report identifies the three Vs: Virtual, adVantage and Value that will define the benefits of agile working as it emerges over the next decade. As the concept of ‘virtuality’ gains ground, monetising agility and creating a robust business case for changing the way we work will become essential. Winning strategies at work is all about success. And this success is for both employer and employee as the concept of VWork delivers dividends in a number of areas.
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Report: AGILITY @ Work - The impact of six forces on the way we work

Agility at work cover
This report sets out to predict the future of work. It presents six trends or forces that are reshaping work, and in turn allowing companies to change the way they organise work. These external forces are: demography, culture, technology, sustainability, transport and property. Together they not only comprise the key overheads of a business, but also the drivers of change that no company can ignore if it is to get into shape as the world emerges from recession.
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Report: Collabor8 - 8 principles for successful collaboration

collabor8 cover
This report sets out to look at the rise of collaborative work. It will look at both synchronous and asynchronous working, and review the benefits being derived from early adopters of collaborative spaces. It looks at the drivers of change, from technology and work process, to demographics and sustainability, and defines a set of eight features or principles for the future of collaboration.
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Report: Digital Communities - Cities, spaces and third places

Digital Communities Cover
The report looks at Digital Britain and the road to ubiquitous connectivity, next generation wireless for buildings and cities and intelligent municipal infrastructure. It also explores best practice for local authorities to build, support and share digital infrastructure through case studies of innovation.
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Report: Sustainability in the Workplace

Sustainability coer
This report draws on the experience of leading organisations to provide an insight into the benefits of reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions in the workplace, recommendations for a reduction strategy and future directions.
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Report: Managing Space - Room, Space & Resource Booking Systems for the Modern Workplace

Sustainability coer
Today’s knowledge economy is changing how we work. Space management is ensuring order in this new work environment. An understanding of the tools is essential for any business executive.
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Space to Work

UNWIRED RESEARCH for Steljes D4 18 Apr 2010
by Philip Ross & Jeremy Myerson

The first comprehensive analysis of emerging office design practice to support and enhance the performance of knowledge workers. Featuring a wide range of international workplace architecture and interior schemes that are leading the way in this important area, set within a unique conceptual matrix that provides a framework for thinking about new strategies for reinventing office space.
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The 21st Century Office

UNWIRED RESEARCH for Steljes D4 18 Apr 2010
by Philip Ross & Jeremy Myerson

This first comprehensive survey of workplace design for the new century, this book captures emerging themes and ideas in office architecture and interiors around the world. Written and researched by the authors of The Creative Office, it advances the concept of increasing creativity in planning and design by exploring the new workplace models that are developing in response to rapid organisational, social and technological change. In the introduction the authors discuss how the new workplace of the 21st century is already exhibiting different spatial, organizational and material characteristics from the scientifically managed, process-driven, mechanistic model of the 20th century modern office. This is followed by four thematic chapters that illustrate the key new trends through 45 international case studies.
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The Creative Office

by Philip Ross & Jeremy Myerson

This work is a survey of design and architecture solutions for the modern workplace. Completed projects as well as virtual offices are covered, as are both newly-built and re-used structures. Each project is richly illustrated with plans drawings and photographs.
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